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English Books to Costa Rica – initiated November 2006: The Foundation is committed to helping the local schools and missionary programs in the Sarchi area. We collect used Children’s Books and with the help of international freight carriers, and individual travelers, we ship those to the Foundation’s office in Costa Rica.

These books are distributed directly to the local schools and are used by Foundation volunteers in the English classes taught at the Sarchi Farm.

For the local students, learning English is a way to increase their potential for future employment in a variety of jobs.


Sustainable Agriculture Program: This program focuses on creating a sustainable environment, recording the process followed, and studying the effects of the process on the immediate and surrounding environment. In addition, this project is dedicated to the goal of converting a conventional coffee farm to an organic farm with a diverse collection of food plants including: squash, pumpkin, lemon, mandarin, grapefruit, avocado, guava, papaya, banana, and plantain.

Share The Food Program: This program was a tremendous success in 2005. The Foundation, in conjunction with Buenas Boticias Misiones, distributes thousands of kilos of food to families in the Sarchi area that are in need. This abundance is generated in large part by the Sustainable Agriculture Programs.

Home Construction and Comfort program: This program focuses on constructing different types of renewable home energy products. The Foundation plans to manufacture solar hot water heaters using recycled water tanks. The low technology design is passive and can be utilized in rural areas with or without electricity or public water. The Foundation also plans to develop a water tank that can be placed in compost to provide hot water by capturing the heat produced from decaying vegetation. In addition, the Foundation will test and implement various roof vent systems that would serve as cooling chimneys for existing houses.

Farm and Forest Program: The Foundation will inventory what is growing on the Farm and identify any indigenous plants that may have medicinal properties. As medicinal plants are located, the Foundation will research methods of propagating, harvesting, and preserving those plants. The Foundation will also analyze micro climates present in Sarchi, Costa Rica together with identification of native wildlife, insects and birds that thrive in each climate.


Other Programs

  • Day programs will allow students to experience the farm as an extension of the classroom. These short visits allow the student to step into an ongoing program and provide hands on help. Large groups can be onsite when many hands are needed for various projects.

  • One week intern programs will allow the student to live onsite and study without interruption. This option will allow students to originate and complete projects, or to assist in ongoing projects.

  • Long term intern projects allow for full involvement and the ability to live on the farm. The student can originate projects and direct the day student or one week interns to help with these projects. This program will appeal to upper level students who are prepared to do research with a limited amount of supervision.

  • All students in the programs will be provided meals from the food raised on the farm and from the farm pantry. The laboratory and conference room, as well as the outdoor classrooms, will be available.

  • The interns will be provided sleeping accommodations at the farm, a kitchen, and a shared office with telephone and internet.

  • The long term interns will have access to the laundry and will have a private bedroom. Depending upon financial need, a monthly allowance will be provided.
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