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Links to some of our friends.. - Sustainable ABQ (Albuquerque, New Mexico) is your one stop site for tips, ideas, education and news with an emphasis on local sustainability solutions. " The team at Sustainable ABQ was formed with the goal of making a better world for our kids and grand kids. Thank you for partnering with us to meet our goal..." - Chere Hartman - Going green is not just some kind of catch phrase that people around the world are using: It is a real way to save the planet's environment and save your family money as well. Most people do not realize how financially beneficial it can be to learn how to recycle or conserve energy. By following some easy tips, any family can take part in the green revolution and do its part for the greater good.
· Recycling
· Composting
· Water Conservation
· Energy Conservation
· Cleaning Supplies
· Water conservation.

Verizon Old Mobile Device Trade-In/Recycle Program
This program helps the environment by providing a safe way to dispose of unwanted electronic devices. They even accept non-working devices and the parts will be recycled and used to generate funds for non-profit domestic violence advocacy and prevention agencies. Additionally, there is an incentive to receive a gift card with each donation. A great explanation of the program can be found here: - A very special place awaits the traveler in search for the perfect destination to experience the beauty of Costa Rica. At Vista del Valle, our goal is to create a worry-free haven of quiet and natural beauty for our guests. Guests may explore acres of tropical botanical gardens, a working coffee and orange plantation, observe exotic birds, butterflies, enjoy our own private preserve, and other natural wonders. - We offer educational assistance, food, and microloans mainly to indigenous people in Costa Rica. - a 501(c)(3) New Mexico corporation whose mission is to serve adults with mental health needs in a safe, caring and culturally responsive therapeutic farm community. - The mission of the Rasur Foundation is for every Costa Rican child to learn to pass the skills of “feeling peace” and “speaking peace” to the next generation.  They use the Peace Army Way, a combination of HeartMath and Nonviolent Communication as the method for teaching these skills. - Green building design and solar sustainable homes - in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Solving the energy crisis - one building at a time: UrbanEcos - designers of custom green homes and high-performance commercial space.

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