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Directions to Finca Sarchi Trojas

Calle San Miguel
200 Mts. sur/oeste de la ‘4Isquina’/ Ferreteria
Valverde Vega, San Pedro, Sarchi Norte
Alajuela, Costa Rica

Local people are generally friendly and will try to help you find your destination. However, be vigilant and keep your possessions well guarded. Around the airport only accept help from persons with identification badges.

You are welcome to arrive on the farm between 6am and 6pm on your scheduled arrival date. This timeframe respects the sleeping hours of the workers who live on the property and it is easier to find in the daylight.

Transport to Sarchi

From the airport, you can take a legal red with yellow triangle taxi direct to the farm, for a price of $35-40. Make sure to agree with the driver on a price beforehand. If you do this, select one that has a cell phone and if needed one who speaks English.

By Bus; Options:

  • From the airport, take a taxi to the bus station for the Alajuela to Grecia-Sarchi- Naranjo bus. These red and white busses will take you directly to Sarchi.
  • Another option is to take the bus from San Jose/Alajuela to Grecia. Then you should change busses in Grecia and there get on the Sarchi bus in front of the Musmanni Panaderia (Every half an hour)
  • If you are coming from the north, take the bus to Naranjo, from there to Sarchi. In Sarchi, go the private taxi stand, called ‘Transporte Costa Rica’. (Around the corner close to Banco de Costa Rica).

To the farm:
When you arrive in Sarchi, get off in front of the Banco de Costa Rica (BCR) and take a taxi to the farm. Best option is to take a cheaper taxi (=unofficial ‘pirate’ taxi however very safe). The stand of these taxis is located on the right side of the colorful square a bit from the BCR, opposite to the colorfully painted large typical ox-wagon.

Best explanation to the taxi driver would be: Calle San Miguel, San Pedro, 200 metros antes la ferreteria / antes la quatro isquina. The farm is located +-200 meters south-west of/ before the ferreteria on the crossing and some 100 mts. after you’ve seen the sign with ‘Marconi Salas, abogado’ on your left hand side (When coming from Sarchi Sur, going UP the hill).

At the red gate of the farm stands a white sign saying: ‘se vende quintas’ (Since I am the only gringo (Francisco) in the area, most taxi-drivers will know the place when you mention you’d like to go to: ‘la finca de gringo’.)

Looking forward to welcoming you!

Often we receive requests, however many volunteers fail to stay in contact. We ask that you update your travel plans for your visit every two weeks. When you have a confirmed your airline flight schedule, we will hold a secure place for you. This may mean that we turn away other interested volunteers, thus please respect this arrangement.


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