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Community is the force that holds our society together. Connectedness for some groups comes naturally due to heritage, language or location. Governments and their regulations hold even larger, often disparate groups together.

Today, transportation networks permit us to consume from every region of the planet regardless of where we call home. The internet, linked by satellites, allows instant communication, anywhere.

The Foundation seeks to foster a more self reliant community based on traditional farming, and opportunities for self expression by living close to the land. The basis for this proposal is that the individuals involved must realize the value of each person’s contribution to community. The worth of the individual’s addition is consistently reaffirmed by the members.

The Foundation’s farm in Sarchi is connected to the community due to its size and prominent location. The farm employs local residents and patronizes local businesses

The farm has committed the resources to expand cultivation of a wide variety of food crops for sale, for trade, and for giving away to neighbors in need.

During the next decade the farm will position itself as a leader of outreach projects in the neighborhood.

For 2007 and 2008 the Foundation will expand its connection to the region with a new housing program. We will construct a model dwelling using recycled tires, earth, wood from the farm, and stone. We will also use cement, glass, plastics and metal. The plan is to rely on solar, wind and hydroelectric power to provide most of the energy needed for this small home.

The Foundation will operate the home as a demonstration project and a learning center. This will serve as an invitation for the community to inspect and participate in the other projects at the farm.

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