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Grants are available to allow students to come to the Farm to study organic agriculture, organic aquaculture, inventory plants in the wild areas, water quality of the river and the effects of upstream farming. Also, programs developed by the affiliated institutions, but in accord with the Foundation’s goals, will be considered.

The funds will allow the students to live on site to conduct research and study projects. The grants will be used for shelter, food, computers, and office and field materials. Labor will be provided by students and farm employees. In addition to housing and food needs supplied by the Foundation, a monthly stipend will be provided for a student’s personal hygiene, entertainment, and transportation. Students will be required to participate in projects that carry out the Foundation’s mission. All students are involved in graded for credit classes or projects. Students must advance the projects goals by full participation and involvement for the time they have committed to do so.



The Finca is open to those who have something to contribute on a long term basis. Those people are, or wish to become:

  • Agronomists and farmers with knowledge of a successful small scale farm. These individuals are the mainstay of the finca. Involvement with other organic farmers will determine the projects that offer the greatest opportunity for success.
  • Builders and engineers to construct homes for living, ponds for aqua culture, aqueducts to move water, small power plants to convert water, wind and solar energy into electric energy for home and farm use.
  • A nutritionist to evaluate the foods grown on the farm for their ability to provide needed nutrients, and oversee the proper storage and preparation of those foods.
  • A writer to observe, record, and distribute the information to those ready to use it.
  • Teachers – Spanish is the language of Costa Rica and can be learned through immersion and study of written materials. Most of the non-Spanish speaking residents speak English, with German, French and Italian being used in various communities throughout the country. The Foundation will sponsor English (as a second language) teachers to volunteer in local schools and community centers.
  • An Administrator to bring all the elements together.


Application Form – click to download form (Microsoft Word Doc)
(Please fill out and mail/email to one of the addresses on our contact page. )

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